Š”Ž®‰ļŽŠNaito Manufacturing
Headquarters &
Main Plant

627-1 Shimoimai, Kai-shi,
Yamanashi prefecture

Tel: +81-551-28-3074
Fax: +81-551-28-4104

Plant No. 2

802 Shimoimai, Kai-shi,
Yamanashi prefecture

Tel: +81-551-28-3074
Fax: +81-551-28-6084

ISO9001 Examination Registration ISO14001 Examination Registration
JQA-1571 JQA-EM1533
Realized a processing technology of high speed grinding, high precision and mirror surface grinding. Manufactured parts evolve into a shape required for its function.
Name Model Manufacturer
  Profile Grinder PGX2500N
  Forming Grinder GS-BMHF

Kuroda Precision
SGE-515BLD2-E2 Nagase Integrex
  Surface Grinder PSG-95DX
SGC-156SLD2-E2 Nagase Integrex
  Double Disc Surface Grinder HD3C Koyo Machine
  Rotary Surface Grinder KRT-110B Toshiba
  NC Turning Machine NUCLET-10A EGURO

Forming Grinder

Profile Grinder

Forming Grinder

Surface Grinder